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23110Re: [mythsoc] Hello my name is Mich. I am looking for a serten doc on J R R Tolkien.

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  • Mich
    May 22, 2012
      Hi yes that is along the lines of the doc that I am thinking of yes but as I said I am not sure of the name of the dock and weather it is out on DVD or vhs since I would very much like to get my hands on it. I remember seeing it on TV around 2001 and again in the summer of 2002 since I wrote a paper on Tolkien for a coarse that I was doing that summer but I don't think I included the name of the doc in that paper and I don't have any copies of it laying around. the docks I have on Tolkien's life are the one dun by national geographic that came with the extended edition of the lord of the rings and that is not the one that I saw. the others are J RR Tolkien Master of the Rings and a few others but again nun of these are the ones that I saw on TV. if you know about the ones that talk about Tolkien's life and what the names of them were that might help. as I said this was more of a biography kind of a doc and it didn't mention the movies very much at all. well again many thanks for your help. and I hope this does help. from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. 
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      Dear Mich- I seem to remember the National Georgraphic did a documentary, or maybe two, related to some background on the Return of the King and maybe the idea of the One Ring in story, lengend and history?   Could that have been what you are looking for-there was also some background on Tolkien's life and how such incidents as being in WWI might have inspired him to include certain scenes.  Could this be what you were thinking of?

      Linda DeMars

      On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Mich <michv@...> wrote:

      Hello. My name is Mich Verrier.  many thanks for allowing me to join your group. I found this group wile doing a search on Google for a doc on J R R Tolkien that I am looking for and hope that some one hear might be able to help. This doc I saw
       was on TV around the time of the first lotr film coming out. the only thing
       I can remember was that it was narrated by a mail narrator who had a very
       deep voice kind of like some one who narrates movie trailers would have. I
       also remember one part in particular talked about how Bilbo  Frodo or Sam
       or some one elts tied a black band around there wrist in morning. I also
       remember it talked about Tolkien's time in W W I . I saw this doc twice on tv once in 2001 and again in 2002. If some one knows what
       doc I am talking about and can point me in the direction where I might be able to bye it or find more info about it that would be nice. I have checked imdb and Amazon.com and.ca but have not found it yet. I hope some one hear knows the ancer to this question. from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. 

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