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23108Hello my name is Mich. I am looking for a serten doc on J R R Tolkien.

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  • Mich
    May 22, 2012
      Hello. My name is Mich Verrier.  many thanks for allowing me to join your group. I found this group wile doing a search on Google for a doc on J R R Tolkien that I am looking for and hope that some one hear might be able to help. This doc I saw
       was on TV around the time of the first lotr film coming out. the only thing
       I can remember was that it was narrated by a mail narrator who had a very
       deep voice kind of like some one who narrates movie trailers would have. I
       also remember one part in particular talked about how Bilbo  Frodo or Sam
       or some one elts tied a black band around there wrist in morning. I also
       remember it talked about Tolkien's time in W W I . I saw this doc twice on tv once in 2001 and again in 2002. If some one knows what
       doc I am talking about and can point me in the direction where I might be able to bye it or find more info about it that would be nice. I have checked imdb and Amazon.com and.ca but have not found it yet. I hope some one hear knows the ancer to this question. from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. 
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