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23095RE: [mythsoc] advice column from H.P. Lovecraft

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    May 8, 2012

      Yes, that’s out to David Oberhelman. But I may have something else you want that I could bring to Loughborough. Would you be interested in Reiner Nagel’s Hobbit Place-names: A Linguistic Excursion through the Shire (Walking Tree, 2012)?


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      Janet, Did you find a reviewer for this? 


      If not, and if the review can wait until the spring 2013 issue, I'd be willing to take it on. 

      I have absolutely no time to start reading until after the Return of the Ring, so there might be a chance to save the posting, if someone can take it to Loughborough in August. 




      On 20 April 2012 00:02, Croft, Janet B. <jbcroft@...> wrote:


      I have a copy of this waiting for an eager reviewer to snap it up for Mythlore.


      Janet Brennan Croft

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      Speaking of Lovecraft: his Cthulhu Mythos, along with the Secondary
      Worlds of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and the Middle-earth of
      Tolkien, are the objects of study in an excellent new work from OUP
      exploring the 'literary prehistory of virtual reality" -- "As If" by
      Michael Saler. The author mixes a pleasingly hearty portion of
      documentary history and textual exemplars into his ongoing theoretical
      (perhaps sociological) inquiry into the developmental pathways of
      contemporary imaginary worlds from their literary precursors. I've
      dog-eared damn near every page. As at

      All best,


      On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 10:21 AM, David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:
      > This is more from the popular image of Lovecraft than the man himself, or
      > even his fiction, but it's pretty funny:
      > http://bygonebureau.com/2012/04/04/h-p-lovecraft-answers-your-relationship-questions/
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