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23092Re: [mythsoc] other great cons?

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    May 7, 2012
      On 05/07/2012 10:44 AM, Faith Harkey wrote:
      > Howdy, all.
      > I was wondering if any of you have favorite fantasy and/or literature
      > conventions you attend/would recommend. (Any of which would run a
      > distant, distant second to Mythcon, of course...)
      > In particular, I'm interested in events that tend toward the academic,
      > rather than a Comic-Con sort of thing.

      There, um, is a big gulf between these two.

      There are more or less scholarly cons like Mythcon -- and also in the
      more or less academic lines, ICFA, (I've done the latter two, but not
      ICFA). These tend to have people giving papers on various topics of
      interest. There are also, of course, organized evening activities.

      There are "serious conventions"--Readercon, and World Fantasy Convention
      and Capclave (though I think they're trying to get less serious) are the
      ones I've done. These have a very heavy lit focus, and a combination of
      papers and panels.

      Then there are literary sf/fantasy cons -- which still tend towards a
      literature/discussion focus, but also have more parties, events, music,
      etc -- regional cons like Arisia, World Science Fiction Convention,
      Lunacon, Boskone, Balticon, etc (I've got an East Coast focus, but these
      are all over). These tend to have people leading panels which discuss
      (along with the audience) topics of interest; panel leaders tend to be a
      combination of fans and pros, and there are enough panels for everyone
      to attend something they like without lines.

      Finally, there are the big media shows like Comic-Con -- where the focus
      is on the expo hall, panels are few and far between (and populated
      almost exclusively by pros), and one generally needs to wait on a long
      line before attending one. Instead, the primary attendee activities
      seem to be wearing costumes, looking at other people's costumes, and

      The first three really have more in common with one another than -any-
      of them have with the big media cons.
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