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22948Re: [mythsoc] "Joseph Bright" and Huddersfield hobbits

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  • John Rateliff
    Feb 17, 2012
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      On Feb 17, 2012, at 11:58 AM, Andrew Higgins wrote:
      On the origin of Hobbit front last autumn when he guest lectured on The Mythgard Institutes Tolkien and Epic Course, Tom Shippey gave us an advance article called The Ancestors of the Hobbits - Strange Creatures in English Folklore which was due to appear in the next issue of Lembas Extra.  Which gave some excellent insight, as Professor Shippey always does, on The Denham Tracts.  if he has published it is worth a read. 

      That's great news, Andrew.
      The latest BEYOND BREE [Feb. 2012, page 9] has a list sent in by Mark Hooker of the contents of that LEMBAS EXTRA 2011, which includes Shippey's piece. I'll have to see if one of my friends in England can't send me a copy, since I'd love to see what Shippey has to say on this ever-fascinating topic.

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