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22945Re: [mythsoc] "Joseph Bright" and Huddersfield hobbits

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  • scribbler@scribblerworks.us
    Feb 17, 2012
      As with typos and proofreading, sometimes a speaker does not always
      realize they have misspoken a word or name. If they're the only person in
      the room who might be aware of the error when considered objectively, who
      is going to know to correct it?

      Why not just email Michael and ask him? It's not like he's unreachable.


      > WendellWag@... wrote:
      >>This tape is part of his output, and this sort of sloppiness doesn't
      >> speak
      >>well of him. Making these sorts of mistakes on a course on tape/CD
      >> sounds
      >>to me like arrogance. A lecturer is just as responsible for accuracy in
      >>his recorded lectures (for which he's paid well, incidentally) as for his
      >>scholarly papers.
      > I said "explain", not "excuse".
      > James Curcio wrote:
      >>People misspeak. Maybe I'm missing what the big deal is.
      > It's a big deal when it's speaking before the microphones for a prepared
      > recording. When a movie actor flubs a line, they do it again.
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