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22938RE: [mythsoc] "Joseph Bright" and Huddersfield hobbits

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Feb 17, 2012
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      Thanks, Beregond – I don’t own a copy of Haigh’s book myself, but if “hobbit” had been in it, I would have noticed when writing my paper on Haigh for Tolkien Studies.


      Janet Brennan Croft


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      John Rateliff wrote:

      > Query #2: Drout says the word "hobbit" occurs in medieval English, and
      > that Tolkien took it from a book on the dialect of the Huddersfield
      > district. This wd be Haigh's book, to wh. Tolkien wrote a foreword. I
      > don't have a copy of this book, but I never heard that /hobbit/ appears
      > in it.

      The dialect portrayed in Haigh's glossary does not have initial
      H-, so _hobbit_ in that form would be impossible. There is no
      entry _obbit_ either. (The only noun in OB- is "_[o-macron]bi_,
      _[o-macron]buk_", glossed as "a hawby, or hawbuck, a simpleton,
      country lout".)

      Chivalrous greetings,


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