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2291Re: [mythsoc] Baynes' Narnia

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  • Margaret Dean
    Sep 6, 2000
      Stolzi@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 09/06/2000 6:21:18 AM Central Daylight Time,
      > Wayne.G.Hammond@... writes:
      > > In 2002, the house will launch an all-new
      > > series of original stories based on the world of Narnia, for ages four and
      > > up, at which time the licensing effort will expand into toys, plush, games
      > > and apparel."
      > >
      > And Douglas Gresham, though not yet dead or senile, has not roadblocked it.
      > Discouraging! He used to indicate on the MereLewis List that he keeps a
      > pretty tight rein on what the Estate does.

      It does seem rather, well, discouraging is not quite the word I'd
      use, but it's probably more polite than what I'm thinking, which
      is that any attempt at what I'll call Narnian fan fiction by its
      devotees has been thoroughly stomped on by Douglas Gresham and
      the Estate over the years, but they're okay now with letting a
      commercial enterprise do it. Who are they getting to write these
      "original stories," I wonder?

      Speaking of the MereLewis list, btw, what's happened to it?
      There was a brief flurry of activity a few months back (after a
      long hiatus), and then silence again.

      --Margaret Dean
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