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2290Re: [mythsoc] Baynes' Narnia

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2000
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      In a message dated 09/06/2000 6:21:18 AM Central Daylight Time,
      Wayne.G.Hammond@... writes:

      > In 2002, the house will launch an all-new
      > series of original stories based on the world of Narnia, for ages four and
      > up, at which time the licensing effort will expand into toys, plush, games
      > and apparel."

      And Douglas Gresham, though not yet dead or senile, has not roadblocked it.
      Discouraging! He used to indicate on the MereLewis List that he keeps a
      pretty tight rein on what the Estate does.

      Mary S
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