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2289Re: [mythsoc] Baynes' Narnia

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  • David Lenander
    Sep 6, 2000
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      I visited the site Wayne mentioned, and while I didn't have time to really
      explore it all, apparently the new paperback edition with Baynes color
      jackets is already out in the U.S. The format is "digest-size," which means
      they are larger than the Puffins I have, and may explain why the box is
      clearly NOT the original art done on the Puffin edition, but simply some of
      the cover art adapted for the box. (Alas). The format may be better for the
      interior art than my old Puffins, though we shall see.... I worry that since
      Pauline had designed wrap-around covers for the Puffins, the new ones may
      dispense with the back illustration as the format is different.
      Interestingly, the page also shows the the other editions are being
      re-released (as of next week?), with a new jacket on the deluxe LWW, for
      instance, and an into by Doug Gresham to the one-volume (or was there an
      intro in the original that I'm just forgetting?). Also mentioned is the
      audio tapes done by single readers, such as Claire Bloom, but not the audio
      tapes of the BBC dramatizations (are they from another publisher, or no
      longer available?). On the British pages, there are a couple of other
      interesting listings. First of all, the displayed cover on what must be the
      standard paperback has very attractive artwork (not by either van Allsburg or
      the Dillons--or Baynes, of course), and there is apparently a new "graphic
      novel" of _Magician's Nephew_ either out or about to come out. This is
      mentioned on the "front page" with a graphic of Baynes' cover art to the
      book, but when you go to the information page on this item, the artwork is
      clearly by the same person who did the earlier graphic novel (comic-book) of
      LWW. I suppose I'll have to get that, too, but will await an American
      edition. Also, there is a new Narnia calendar, though I didn't see it on the
      web-page, I saw it in a bookstore, where I didn't buy it (but would have done
      so if they'd had the new Tolkien calendar in stock at the same time....)

      "Wayne G. Hammond" wrote:

      > [. . . .] The most interesting repackaging is
      > the series in seven paperbacks whose covers reproduce Pauline's cover art
      > for the old Puffin Books edition, which was never sold in the U.S.
      > Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble online have not yet caught up with all the
      > reissues, so the best place to check them out is, as Lizzie says,
      > http://www.narnia.com The site has an animated introduction made from
      > Pauline's art which loads rather slowly, at least on my PC.
      > I see in _Publishers Weekly_ that we're in for a flurry of Narnia
      > merchandising, because of the anniversary, including new stories set in
      > Narnia. This is most interesting, given the reluctance all these years of
      > the Lewis Estate to allow anything of the sort.
      > Wayne Hammond
      > The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org


      David Lenander,

      e-mail: d-lena@... web-page: http://umn.edu/~d-lena/OnceUponATime.html
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