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  • tuhonbillmcg
    Dec 25, 2011
      Hi Folks,

      I hope everyone had a blessed, wonderful, joyful Christmas.

      The second post on my new blog is up:
      Hard Sci-Fi vs. High Fantasy - Urban vs. Rural

      While cities and spaceships are the logical venue for a hard sci-fi story, it is the wild places that are the natural setting for high fantasy. Come, read and leave your comments at:

      Bill McGrath

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "tuhonbillmcg" <tuhonbillmcg@...> wrote:
      > Hi Folks,
      > I've started a new blog and would be most pleased if members of this list could give your input. While I'm sure I will be breaking very little in the way of new ground for those here, my target audience (fellow fantasy writers) would surely benefit from your comments. So please subscribe and blast away when I get things wrong and remember to give the occational thumbs up when I get something right. My first series of posts will be about High Fantasy stories and the Medieval Model (based on Lewis' The Discarded Image).
      > Here's the post I used to announce the blog on my writers newsgroups:
      > While Joseph Campbell had his monomyth of the Hero's Journey to explain the structure of myths and epic tales, C.S. Lewis had his "Medieval Model" to explain the textures and colors of the stories from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. When you hear a professor of Medieval literature recommend the novels of Lewis or Tolkien as a good introduction to Medieval literature for modern readers, it is the elements of the "Medieval Model" found in these tales that they are referring to.
      > To help illustrate the elements of this model in High Fantasy novels, I contrast High Fantasy with the genre that often seems to be its mirror image, namely Hard Sci-Fi (so even if your tastes run more towards sci fi rather than fantasy, I would still appreciate your thoughts and comments on the blog, even if simply to see that I represent your favorite genre correctly).
      > My first post is an introduction to the series and is found here: http://theswordoffire.wordpress.com/
      > Merry Christmas,
      > Bill McGrath
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