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22817Re: [mythsoc] New Lewis Fiction

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Dec 4 9:34 PM
      I knew I'd seen the Easley fragment somewhere before.  I had to do a Google search to figure out where.  A summary of it is in Kathryn Lindskoog's Sleuthing C. S. Lewis.
      Wendell Wagner
      In a message dated 12/4/2011 11:13:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, sacnoth@... writes:

      Don't know how many folks here subscribe to VII, Wheaton's Inklings+ journal, but anyone interested in CSL's fiction will want to check out the current issue (Vol. 28). It prints for the first time two fragments (apparently all that was ever written) from a realistic Belfast novel Lewis wrote sometime in the 1920s, probably circa 1927. It's short, but interesting both for the distaste for his fellow Ulstermen it conveys and for a lengthy discussion of whether belief in damnation is a sight of madness.

      It's called "The Easley Fragment" ['Fragments' wd have been more accurate], is edited with notes and commentary by David C. Downing and Bruce R. Johnson, and takes up pages 5-26 of this issue, with pages 5-15 being their edition of Lewis's nine-page text and the rest commentary.

      I think this leaves THE QUEST OF BLEHERIS and his philosophical papers the last significant unpublished Lewis I know of. Generous of the Lewis Estate to let it appear in a scholarly journal rather than in a new edition of CSL's short fiction.

      --John R.

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