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228Re: Digest Number 52

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  • Nagy Gergely
    Jun 22, 1999
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      Hello everyone,
      glad that the list is coming alive again after a few months or so... This
      is actually a query that was inspired by the Phantastes post telling that
      there was a review of the new Star Wars bit in the new issue... I hope
      Star Wars is a topic not *that* offlist. Any opinions about the new film,
      or Star Wars, for that matter? Do you think it is appropriate for
      discussion on this list? Is it like or unlike the work of those authors
      respected by all of us?
      (nota bene: I have not seen the new movie yet; here in Hungary it's going
      to be on only in September. However, I have gathered quite a lot about it
      from various sources, and I am really curious to hear the mythopoietic
      people abaout it...)

      Gergely Nagy
      Jozsef Attila University
      Szeged, Hungary
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