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  • Edith Crowe
    Nov 10, 2011
      A query all the way from Australia. If anyone can help her, please send to her email (below).
      I first read something of her in The Tin Drum (Gunter Grass) but have not been able to track her down since.   From memory she was a mythical peasant figure who had a plethora of dependants clinging to ribbons hanging from her skirts.  when she finally got sick of them, she cut them off one by one until only one remained and when this person had gone she was consigned to hell. 
      Do you have any records of this story and where I might find it and its origins ?
      With thanks,
      K. Thomas   02 43 90 3387

      Edith Crowe, Corresponding Secretary
      The Mythopoeic Society
      http://www.mythsoc.org | correspondence@...
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