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22711Re: [mythsoc] New article series: Interviews with the Scholars

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  • Larry Swain
    Oct 13, 2011
      Good job, Michael!
      Larry Swain
      On Friday, October 14, 2011 4:45 AM, "Michael Martinez" <michael.martinez@...> wrote:

      In mid-July I launched a new Website, middle-earth.xenite.org, where I have published over 100 articles (some old, many new) on a broad range of topics I think would be of interest to Tolkien fans.

      This week marks the beginning of a series of interviews with Tolkien scholars. The first one is now published. I'll publish an interview every week going forward.

      I invite you to read "An Interview with Janet Brennan Croft":

      Upcoming interviews include John Garth, John Rateliff, Michael Drout, Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, and (I hope) many more.

      Thank you, Janet, for being the first of my interviewees. I think this series may become one of the most popular sections on the new site. I'll do my best to make that so!

      Michael Martinez


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