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22704Re: [mythsoc] Movie-goers rate the book

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  • Bill West
    Oct 8, 2011
      I used to get a chuckle out of the kids who chose "Flatland" by Abbott or "Night" by
      Wiesel. I'd tell them that sometimes the shortest books were the most intense. Some
      of them would tell me later that I was right.

      On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 2:21 PM, David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:

      Bill West wrote:

      >In all fairness, it's a trend no matter the type of book, the kids (or their >parents) just wanted the shortest books on the list.

      C.S. Lewis had something to say about that, and I quote:

      A lady whom I knew discovered that the pretty little probationer who filled her hot-water bottle in the hospital had read _Screwtape_. She also discovered why.

      "You see," said the girl, "we were warned that at interviews, after the real, technical questions are over, matrons and people sometimes ask about your general interests. The best thing is to say you've read something. So they gave us a list of about ten books that usually go down pretty well and said we ought to read at least one of them."

      "And you chose _Screwtape_?"

      "Well, of course; it was the shortest."

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