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22703Re: [mythsoc] Movie-goers rate the book

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  • Bill West
    Oct 8, 2011
      The first time I ran into this tendency I was amazed. As a kid growing up, I loved reading big
      books, the longer, the better and once I started them I would keep reading as long as I could. I
      drove my parents crazy. Once when I was recuperating from surgery my Mom went to the library
      and got me The Complete Sherlock Holmes which was the whole canon,.and I finished it in
      two days. I was thrilled to find out there were more books about the Musketeers by Dumas, and
      I tore through Bulfinch's books when I found them.

      I can't blame the Computer Age for kids wanting to read short books because I started working
      in bookselling at Lauriat's before the home computer boom. (although there were already video
      games around then) And the Harry Potter and Eragon books have shown that kids will gladly read
      longer books if it;s something they are really interested in.

      To get back to David's original point, as a former gamer myself, I could always tell which players
      read Tolkien (and other fantasy) by how creative they were in shaping the background of their characters and  the elements of the game.

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