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22671Taum Santoski on a Poetics of Fantasy

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  • scribblerworks
    Sep 13, 2011
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      In case you guys didn't know -- and really John! You should have TOLD us -- John Rateliff has been posting some "Aphorisms towards a Poetics of Fantasy" that Taum Santoski had written before he died.

      I only hit on them because I was taking a mental break from some of my own work, and was checking blogs I hadn't looked at in a long time. Taum was a great loss to the Mythopoeic Society when he left us twenty years ago, and these bits show that.

      I think some of his points could be argued (as I said in my comments to some of the posts). But they certainly deserve to be read and discussed!

      Check out John's blog -- http://sacnoths.blogspot.com/ -- He's clearly labled all the posts in the series.