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22658early Mythopoeic events

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  • Mem Morman
    Sep 9, 2011
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      I would be totally delighted to find a program book - or any memorabilia at all - from Mythcon VII in Sacramento, CA.  I ran that convention, but seem to have zero photos or anything else.
      Mem Morman

      On 9/8/2011 8:10 AM, WendellWag@... wrote:

      While we're at it, I'm looking for the program books (or any other memorabilia) from Mythcons V, VI, and IX, which I didn't get to, and for the Tolkien 2005 event, which I did go to but the material I got there disappeared before I got home.  Other Inklings-related material I'm looking for are Amon Hen, issues 1-38, 41, and 43; Mallorn, issues 1-12; Parma Eldalamberon, issues 10, 14-16, and 18; and The Lewis Legacy, issue 28.  All this is just in case that, oh, I don't know, someone decides that they are less obsessive than me at collecting and wants more space.
      Wendell Wagner
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