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226Re: Welsh

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  • Diane Baker
    Jun 18, 1999
      FrMacKen@... wrote:
      > From: FrMacKen@...
      > Diane,
      > I know very little Welsh, but I want to learn more. Wales, in my > opinion, is a very underated Celtic country. All my favourite Celtic > myths come from Wales and Welsh is the oldest living language, or so I > have been informed.
      > Diolch yn fawr,
      > Ron

      I love the Welsh versions of the King Arthur story, the mythology, very
      much enjoy Welsh music (esp. by Plethyn), and the triple Welsh harp.
      It's true that Welsh has a long continuity, and that it's changed little
      over the years, so that a modern Welsh speaker can understand the Welsh
      of the Bible as translated in the 1500's; I think that was their
      earliest translation. That could not be said of English speakers.
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