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22552Re: [mythsoc] Re: What Is/Is Not SF? (was: NPR top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy titles poll)

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  • John Davis
    Aug 4, 2011
      "...All of the best fantasy stories, be they about the ultimate war between good and evil or the doings of the smallest of fantasy creatures, really say the same thing and suggest to the reader (whether consciously or not) the same ultimate conclusion: If the smallest of supernatural things exists, even if it is the smallest of fairies, then perhaps the greatest of supernatural things (God) exists."
      I like your definition of sci fi and fantasy as the former speculating on the natural and the latter broadening to include the supernatural - perhaps one alternatively say the former speculates on the possibilities inherent in the real world, and the latter broadens to include that which is impossible in the real world.
      But I'm not sure your above sentence quite follows. Or rather, granted, if a fairy exists then perhaps God exists. But then again if a fairy doesn't exist then perhaps God still exists, or conversely if a fairy exists then perhaps God does not exist. I don't see any connection between the two, beyond the fact that neither tend to be physically seen to exist in the real world. Besides, within the context of a secondary reality both fairies and God may or may not exist, but this says nothing of our primary reality (I'm aware you did not explicitly suggest this was the case, but it felt implied - apologies if I misread).
      And finally, an ultimate war between good and evil need not have any religious aspect - good and evil certainly exist in sufficient supply for such a war within the heart of man!

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