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2254Mythcon 31 reports (or lack thereof...)

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  • Eleanor Farrell
    Sep 1, 2000
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      Re: Berni Phillips' Mythcon report and Carl Hostetter's confessional
      response, to wit:

      >>a half-hour homage to Hawaii, snippets of videos both serious and
      >> absurd, compiled by Ellie Farrell, Carl Hostettor, and Arden Smith.
      >> (And Arden, we all know the Charlie's Angels and Brady Bunch
      >> selections were yours.

      > Gee, however did you guess? ;)

      >>Carl probably contributed the footage on the bombing of Pearl Harbor.)

      > Actually, no; my main "contribution" was "Skeet Surfin'"...


      > Carl

      Carl may have _suggested_ "Skeet Surfin'" but I actually had a copy of the
      movie it appears in [quick, trivia buffs: whom among you aspires to our
      heights of cultural wasteland expertise?] on my video shelf.

      And, to respond to another of Berni's comments, I have received NO Mythcon
      31 reports for Mythprint (or the Society web page) and would appreciate
      getting these from anyone who attended the conference. Also photos -- I'd
      like to put up more photos on the Mythcon web pages, now that we have more
      scanning capabilities and people with digital cameras.