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  • John Rateliff
    Jul 28, 2011
      Hi all.
      I've been reading Mark Horne's new short biography of JRRT, part of the 'Christian Encounters' series, and came across the following curious statement re. Tolkien and his friend Christopher Wiseman:

      "Wiseman shared Tolkien's interest in language and shared in his development of private languages." (Horne, p. 23)

      This was news to me, and I doubt its accuracy -- certainly Wiseman didn't say anything about inventing languages when I met him, but perhaps the topic just didn't come up. Does anyone have a source for Wiseman's having played a role in Tolkien's invention of Gnomish or Qenya? Horne has a superscript at the end of the paragraph crediting Jn Garth's book, but that seems to apply only to the final sentence in the paragraph, not this one.

      --John R.