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  • John Davis
    Jul 26, 2011
      Hi Alana,
      Thanks for that. No, it hadn't occurred to me to put it on an e-reader, as I didn't know dedicated e-reader devices existed! (I have my e-reader software on my PC). But now I do, I'll certainly look into it.
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      Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 2:12 PM
      Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Mythprint question


      Hi John,

      One more question, and then we'll let you off the self-promotion hook! :) Are you looking at selling through Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, or any of the other available mediums? (I have two books available on http://www.drivethrufantasy.com, and I know they're a pleasure to work with if you want contact info for them.) Despite kindle books being readable on most devices, they're not readable from my dedicated e-reader (a nook from B&N), so having multiple options for sale could be helpful in gaining readers like me! I know that amazon doesn't have an "us only" clause in at least one of their options, as several of my author friends have e-books available on Kindle, at B&N, and through other sources.

      Hope you'll consider it, because it sounds like something I'd enjoy reading. :)


      On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 4:44 AM, John Davis <john@...> wrote:

      Hi Berni,
      The book is what I suppose these days is called urban (real-world) fantasy, though in this case it is more 'rural fantasy'. There are scenes of violence, but I'd rate them PG12 rather than 18! Length 100,000 words. So longish for an urban fantasy, short compared to high fantasy epics!
      Here's the first bit of the blurb:
      Evie is a loner, preferring the solitude of the moors to anything that civilization has to offer. She is also, she discovers as the beast awakens in her, a werewolf, not bitten but born that way, a fact which makes her unique. But she is not the only wild thing on the moors. For the Huntsman, Master of the Chase that roams across lands and worlds, seeks to claim Evie for his pack, and his coming will tear down the veils that separate this world from others, bringing chaos and destruction...
      The rest can be found on Amazon (Fell Runner; John Davis) if you are interested.
      And now I've probably taken up more than enough of the list's time with shameless self-promotion. So many thanks for your tolerance!

      Alana Joli Abbott, Freelance Writer and Editor (http://www.virgilandbeatrice.com)
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