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  • Melinda Jane Harrison
    Sep 1, 2000
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      >to go into schools to talk about myth,legend, and traditional
      >stories..more and more people are finding meaning again in these things,
      .... so now perhaps fantasy, so long an
      >undercurrent, is coming up to reinvigorate a society which has exhausted
      >itself through modernism

      This is exactly what I am going to do this year for the first time.
      Although I often feel my culture (western and American) is in twilight, it
      is exactly
      in these times of twilight where people come out of insularity and are
      forced to
      recognize others in the world, their habits and customs, etc. So I believe
      people are interested. They teach mythology as an elective here. Too bad
      it's not
      required. They ought to teach comparative religion of some kind, and
      let students view various religions at the high school level.

      This year I am doing myths, fairy tales, folklore that have to do with the
      soul, it's journey, descent and ascent, hence my study in Mystery
      Religions. However, we will be doing Sleeping
      Beauty, <g> another variant of the soul's journey.

      For Lizzie: Have you ever read The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Anne Pierce?
      I am rereading these now, and certainly they are darker, but they have
      themes you might
      be searching for, but in a less obvious way than Lewis and company, and the
      ones you first
      mentioned. But this is a trilogy that I am going to promote in my talks
      this year, for
      various reasons I won't discuss here. BTW, have you ever read Graham
      Greene? Not
      fantasy, but certainly religious. And very profound at that. I marvel at
      his writings.

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