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22483Re: Quick take on Lord Dunsany?

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  • davise@cs.nyu.edu
    Jun 29, 2011
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, WendellWag@... wrote:
      > Dale, if anyone questions your assertion about Dunsany, you can quote the
      > statement below by John Rateliff and say that he is one of the most
      > important living Dunsany scholars. I don't think there are many Dunsany scholars.
      > I just Googled on "Dunsany scholar" and found only two people mentioned -
      > Darrell Schweitzer and S. T. Joshi - neither of whom did a Ph.D.
      > dissertation on Dunsany.
      > Wendell Wagner

      University Microfilms lists 3 theses on Dunsany:

      John Rateliff, " 'Beyond the fields we know': The short stories of
      Lord Dunsany, Marquette U., 1990.

      Ronald Gallagher, "The uses of the supernatural in the works of Lord Dunsany and James Stephens," U. Washington, 1990.

      Linda Pashka, "Dunsany's other worlds: The prose fantasy of Lord Dunsany", U. Calgary, 1987.

      The Wikipedia article also states that Tania Scott is currently doing a dissertation on Dunsany at U. Glasgow. She has given some talks, but does not seem to have published much.

      WorldCat lists additionally (books and theses)
      Mark Amory, "Biography of Lord Dunsany", Collins, 1972.

      Sunand Joshi, "Lord Dunsany, master of the Anglo-Irish Imagination"
      Greenwood Press, 1996.

      Max Duperray, "Le monde imaginaire de Lord Dunsany, 1878-1957"
      thesis, U. de Lille, 1979.
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