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22422Re: [mythsoc] Mythprint: Books Available for Review

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  • scribbler@scribblerworks.us
    Jun 4, 2011
      What an EXCELLENT idea, Jason. And I will be bookmarking the page!

      Hey, this internet thing is actually turning out to be useful. We should
      keep it around!


      > One and All,
      > Thanks to our industrious webmaster, there is now a page on the Mythopoeic
      > Society website which I can keep up to date with all the books I have
      > available
      > for review in Mythprint. I have just finished updating this new page with
      > the
      > books I still have. Earlier today, I dropped off about a hundred that no
      > one has
      > ever claimed to my local library. They were pleased, even if we had no
      > takers
      > here!
      > Be sure to stop by the new page often — just go ahead and bookmark it,
      > why don't
      > you?
      > http://www.mythsoc.org/mythprint/books/
      > In case you are wondering about those numbers in parentheses after each
      > title,
      > that's the date I added the book to the website. They're all the same
      > today, but
      > they won't be for long. This will help me (and you, if you're interested)
      > to
      > keep track of how quickly each book is aging on the list, so that I can
      > weed
      > them out more aggressively going forward. Therefore, if you see something
      > you'd
      > like to read and review, don't wait too long to contact me. By the time
      > you
      > speak up, it may be gone. I don't intend to keep books longer than a few
      > months
      > (at most; it will depend in part on how many the publishers are sending
      > me).
      > I'm always happy to hear from readers too, so drop me a line once in a
      > while.
      > Unlike the protagonists of many of these books, I don't bite. ;)
      > Your humble editor,
      > Jason
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