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22420Mythprint: Books Available for Review

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  • Jason Fisher
    Jun 4, 2011
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      One and All,

      Thanks to our industrious webmaster, there is now a page on the Mythopoeic Society website which I can keep up to date with all the books I have available for review in Mythprint. I have just finished updating this new page with the books I still have. Earlier today, I dropped off about a hundred that no one has ever claimed to my local library. They were pleased, even if we had no takers here!

      Be sure to stop by the new page often — just go ahead and bookmark it, why don't you?

      In case you are wondering about those numbers in parentheses after each title, that's the date I added the book to the website. They're all the same today, but they won't be for long. This will help me (and you, if you're interested) to keep track of how quickly each book is aging on the list, so that I can weed them out more aggressively going forward. Therefore, if you see something you'd like to read and review, don't wait too long to contact me. By the time you speak up, it may be gone. I don't intend to keep books longer than a few months (at most; it will depend in part on how many the publishers are sending me).

      I'm always happy to hear from readers too, so drop me a line once in a while. Unlike the protagonists of many of these books, I don't bite. ;)

      Your humble editor,
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