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  • Mike Foster
    Feb 22, 2011
      A good post, David.  You express contempt with such eloquent restraint.
      One shiny American penny to anyone who can find in any fiction six worse consecutive worse worse than “this lion of letters trudged in fear.”
      Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 3:44 AM
      Subject: [mythsoc] Murkierwood

      Has anyone else read the brief opening chapter available on the website?
      There are some strange and apparently unnecessary historical bloopers in it.
      I'm leaving out the stuff that might actually be necessary for the plot.

      >These creatures live to me as I am creating them. ...

      As Doug Kane observed, this supposed quote from Tolkien's Letters doesn't
      even sound remotely like him.

      >As he deplaned at what was then Idlewild

      This is set in 1970, by which time the airport had been JFK for several

      >the old manwas scarcely recognizable as the
      >Merton Professor of Anglo-Saxon Literature

      A hopeless amalgam of Tolkien's two separate professorial titles, the second
      one of which he'd been retired from for over a decade by 1970.

      >For a man
      about whose life it would be observed, "after
      >1925, nothing much

      The actual quote, from Carpenter, is the more measured, "And after this, you
      might say, nothing else really happened."

      style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff00">this lion of letters trudged in fear for the first time
      >since he was eighteen at the Battle of the

      Tolkien was 18 in 1910. The Battle of the Somme, in which Tolkien did
      fight, took place in 1916.

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