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21820Countdown to Mythcon 42 Registration Rate Increase

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Jan 25, 2011
      For those of you who aren't signed up for the Mythopoeic Announcements group (for those who are, sorry- just ignore this message. Or think of it as an echo... ;D).

      25... 26... 27...

      Yes, February 1 the registration rate increases for Mythcon 42. Leslie Donovan and her hobbits (the committee) are working diligently on arranging the best possible lodging and venue and those details will be announced as soon as they've firmed up.

      In the meantime: ...28 ...29...


      July 15-18 - See you in Albuquerque!

      -- Lynn Maudlin, Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences --