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2180Re: [mythsoc] Re: Inklings Help

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Aug 22, 2000
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      "David S. Bratman" wrote:
      A whole bunch of stuff which I have printed out and will take
      with me.

      Thank you David. Any books you can lend me which I can read

      That being said: I was planning on bringing the Williams Masques
      Book that I already own. I was also planning to mention the
      Sayers on Holmes book that will be published real soon. And
      passing out MythSoc Flyers. And reminding people of where they
      can find us (secondary name plate with the www.mythsoc.org
      address <g>). If authors can push their books why can't I push my
      organization. Especially at a Tolkien, Lewis & Williams panel!
      Gee, those names sound familiar...

      But if you can bring a couple of books and we sell them after the
      panel. Gravy!

      While we are at the panel, can I get the editor to sign he's
      work? You really did a wonderful job!

      Mythically yours,