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21794Re: [mythsoc] A new novel about Tolkien

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  • Alana Abbott
    Jan 13, 2011
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      One little anecdote that, to me, represents really *good* self-publishing.

      A mentor of mine, Jeff Duntemann, has been a publisher several times over. When he and others sold the last publishing company he'd helped create, he decided to start a very small, POD house of his own, largely to do the kind of nonfiction work that Sarah's talking about. But his own short fiction, largely previously published in periodicals like Asimov's, is also sort of a niche market. It's brilliant work (I reviewed his older collection, Souls in Silicon, not long ago in Mythprint, so if you read that, you've already heard me rave about it). But a short story collection by an author who's not terribly well known doesn't have the mass appeal that it would require for a traditional house to pick it up. So, Jeff published it on his own POD imprint. 

      He's a guy who knows the industry and has worked on the inside of much larger houses for most of his career, so he knows how to publish books. And I can't imagine he'd take any less care on his own fiction than on the books he edited and oversaw at his larger houses.

      I also know many writers who have re-released short fiction as e-books (through fictionwise and other sources) once the rights reverted to them. E-publishing is changing the market even further. 

      I guess where I'm going here is this: all sorts of people come at self-publishing from different angles and for different reasons. There are some spectacularly bad examples of self-publishing, and probably a very few really great examples of self-publishing. It's very helpful that Jason's willing to have Mythprint sort through some of that on our behalves!


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