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21768Re: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie?

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Jan 2, 2011
      There's been some discussion among Mythies on Facebook. Personally, I've been on a roller coaster about this movie: 1) Dawntreader is on of my favorite Narnia books, in part because it's inherently so spiritual; 2) Walden Media has alternated between ham-fisted and oblivious when it comes to spiritual content in CSL's Narnia; 3) Michael Apted is a good film director and made the passage of anti-slavery laws in England compelling in AMAZING GRACE; 4) Michael Apted isn't a Christian so he may be insensitive *but* he handled AMAZING GRACE well; 5) the trailer was alarming.

      So I went with great trepidation and VERY low expectations. And I enjoyed it quite a bit *but* the secret was probably the low expectations...!

      I am willing to entertain an argument that the structure of a movie (vs short novel) means some kind of unifying theme & goal is desirable but the fact that the movie *starts* with the search for the seven Narnian Lords and morphs into the search for their *magical swords* and a battle against evil green fog just felt Harry-Potter-esque. Elevating the sea-serpent into a major battle (and incorporating Eustace Dragon) was predictable and tedious (I turned to Diana Glyer at the end and said, "they killed Cthulu!") although I did like the chittering sound they gave it, inappropriate as it was for an ocean-dwelling creature.

      I think the adaptation leaves MUCH to be desired and it's still the best of the 3 Narnian films made thus far. Don't expect a lot and DON'T re-read the book before seeing the movie (!! save that treat for after) and you too may find it better than anticipated.

      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, davise@... wrote:
      > Has no one on this list seen the movie yet, or have an opinion? I haven't myself, but I'm very curious to know whether it is any good. The review in the Times was solidly negative, the review in the Guardian was mixed, some of the online reviews are favorable. General agreement that Eustace is satisfyingly horrible.
      > -- Ernie
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