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21762Re: [mythsoc] Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie?

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  • Jason Fisher
    Jan 2, 2011
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      Would someone be willing to do a review for Mythprint? 600-700 words or so should suffice.

      From: David Bratman <dbratman@...>
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      I thought VDT the best of the films in this series to date, largely because it's based on the strongest storyline and because it holds the extraneous battle scenes to a minimum, instead of wallowing the whole movie in them. The battle with the sea serpent is too long and dramatically dire - in the book the serpent is sort of lumpen and the heroes just push it off the ship - but even it is held within some bounds.

      Most of the adventures of the book are there, but somewhat disordered and pushed out of shape. It's as if the movie had been written by someone who'd read the book a long time ago and didn't remember it very well. One of the most memorable scenes of the book is when Eustace turns into a dragon, so in the movie he spends more than half the running time as one, and even gets to battle the sea serpent in that shape.

      A couple of sine quibus non of bad fantasy stories have been injected into the plot, in a not very successful attempt to turn this into a lousy movie: a running villain in the form of a green mist, and a "collect the coupons" plot token in the form of the seven swords of the seven missing lords, all of which need to be collected before the characters can send off to the scriptwriter for the ending.

      As there are no "Prince Caspian" Telmarine villains in this story, the acting is fairly mediocre. Caspian is bland. Edmund and Lucy are singularly unconvincing in the slightly overblown temptation scenes. Eustace is pretty good at being annoying. The Dufflepuds are modestly funny. Reepicheep comes off as if he'd make a good comic duo partner with Puss-in-Boots from Shrek 2.

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      >Subject: [mythsoc] Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie?
      >Has no one on this list seen the movie yet, or have an opinion? I haven't myself, but I'm very curious to know whether it is any good. The review in the Times was solidly negative, the review in the Guardian was mixed, some of the online reviews are favorable. General agreement that Eustace is satisfyingly horrible.
      >-- Ernie

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