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2174Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 370

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  • Joe Christopher
    Aug 17, 2000
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      >OK, I remember Owen Barfield, Dorothy Sayers, and George
      >MacDonald. They are the easy ones. I know there were more, but
      >who? Any Info would be appreciated. I know David L knows about
      >more of the people. He gives vague notes on his website.

      >Christopher Tolkien, Dom Bede Griffiths, Dr. R.E. "Humphrey" Havard, Hugo
      >Dyson, David Cecil, Warren Lewis, Colin Hardie, Jim Dundas Grant, J.A.W.
      >Bennett, Nevill Coghill, Adam Fox, Gervase Matthew, C.E. "Tom" Stevens, C.L.
      >Wrenn, and John Wain. The list comes from the "Biographical Notes" section
      >of Carpenter's book The Inklings.
      Sayers and MacDonald were not members of the Inklings (the literary group),
      of course. MacDonald was a mainly 19th century writer. Sayers never
      attended a meeting, although Charles Williams read her letters on Dante to
      the group. Several people attended a meeting or two: Roy Campbell, for
      example. I don't find Dom Bede Griffiths in Carpenter's list. R. B.
      McCallum should be added to Ted's list.