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21691Re: [mythsoc] The Inklings as characters

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  • John Rateliff
    Dec 10, 2010
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      I'm also a few chapters in; I want to read it but keep putting it down and putting off picking it back up -- not a good sign.

      And yes, it's v. much an Inkling-themed Dan-Brown lite. The scenes in which various Inklings appear are by far the best part. As a little scholarly touch, their dialogue (first Lewis, then Williams; the Tolkien I haven't gotten to yet) is carefully end-noted in the back of the book, where he tells you what CSL letter or CW book each line comes from. The result is authentic in content but makes the Inklings sound a bit stilted, like they enjoyed quoting themselves a bit too much.

      Oh, and there's one annoying gaff: the main character (Tom) refers to Lewis over and over as "Professor Lewis". The author cd have used this as a bit of a clueless American getting things wrong, except that the character addresses Lewis himself that way and CSL doesn't correct him. Not that big a deal with someone just reading for the story, but I expect it wd make an English reader's teeth grind.

      --John R.

      On Dec 10, 2010, at 10:13 AM, scribbler@... wrote:
      > I got the book out of curiousity, and am a few chapters in. I want to
      > read it all the way through before commenting fully on it, but I do have
      > to admit that it is not gripping me tightly. As a writer myself, I feel
      > it could have done with some more polishing (an early passage involving a
      > metal-detector prompted me to post on LiveJournal about how to describe
      > objects that are newish to the characters but well known to the readers).
      > But like I said, I want to be just - which requires (for me, at least)
      > that I finish reading it before leveling judgement.
      > So, I give a cautious warning. But for other readers, their mileage may
      > vary in the reading experience.
      > Sarah
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