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21677Re: [mythsoc] Re: Are Hobbits white?

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  • David Bratman
    Dec 9 11:42 PM
      In this context, it's worth remembering that the Telmarines in the _Prince
      Caspian_ film were played by experienced Italian and Spanish-language
      actors. They were not only darker-complexioned than the English children,
      they were also _much_ better actors, which did tend to tamper with my
      sympathies for the characters.


      "not_thou" <emptyD@...> wrote:

      > Minor clarification: while their stories may have followed many Hollywood
      > conventions and they often featured minor American actors in the leading
      > roles, Spaghetti Westerns were thus named because they were produced or
      > co-produced by Italian companies in Europe, usually in Spain, and thus
      > quite understandably with a supporting cast of Italian and Spanish actors.
      > It is, however, quite true that genuine Hollywood productions would often
      > employ darker-complexioned actors of any ethnicity to portray Native
      > Americans.
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