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21645Re: Are Hobbits white?

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Dec 8, 2010
      Darrell, I think it's a bit unfair to say, "What do you think when, in an author's original, the "ethnicities that are represented" *are* all villains?" IF you're speaking of LOTR, the issue of PEOPLES really ought to be seen as dominant over the issue of the color of men.

      So there are Elves, primarily 'good' in LOTR; there are dwarves, primarily 'good' in LOTR; there are hobbits, primarily ignorant in LOTR; there are wizards, a VERY mixed lot; there are orcs, creatures debased and bred to be evil; there are men, another VERY mixed lot. There are tensions between all these different peoples. To break it down further and say, "within the humans, the good ones are 'light' and the bad ones are 'dark' and that is a political statement" is imho simplistic.

      It's rather like looking back at the aggressive violent spread of Islam up into Europe in the first millennium and characterizing it as a race war. In fact, arguably it wasn't even a religious war (like Northern Ireland: while being cast as Catholic versus Protestant, it wasn't a religious battle but a political one; the religious labels were simply the identifiers used) but rather one of imperialism and encroachment by people who happened to be Muslims against people who happened to be Christian. Yes, the impetus for Islam is the charge to convert the world, by force if need be, but it's the "by force" part that bothered the Austrians and Italians and Spaniards and French, *not* the religion per se.

      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Darrell A. Martin" <darrellm@...> wrote:
      > On 12/7/2010 7:38 PM, Alana Abbott wrote:
      > [snip]
      > > Where characters are not clearly described, I'd love it if Hollywood would
      > > choose to err on the side of diversity (as appropriate to the time and
      > > place, of course!), though I don't see that happening much in the film
      > > industry. I'd also prefer it if ethnicities that were represented were
      > > not only represented as villains (as I thought to be the case in
      > > Jackson's /Return of the King/).
      > >
      > > -Alana
      > Alana:
      > Two questions:
      > -- Why would you love it if Hollywood erred on the side of diversity?
      > -- What do you think when, in an author's original, the "ethnicities
      > that are represented" *are* all villains?
      > Darrell
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