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21642Re: [mythsoc] Are Hobbits white?

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  • Alana Abbott
    Dec 8, 2010
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      Two questions:

      -- Why would you love it if Hollywood erred on the side of diversity?

      Mostly because it reflects my own preferred worldview -- and because it would offer some contrast to Hollywood's history of, say, casting Italians as Native Americans in Spaghetti Westerns, just as an example. In a scenario where it's clear that diversity does *not* fit the world of the story, then I wouldn't ask filmmakers to sacrifice the story for aesthetics that I find appealing. But if they have to err, I'd rather the erred inclusively rather than exclusively.

      -- What do you think when, in an author's original, the "ethnicities
      that are represented" *are* all villains?

       That's a different scenario, one I struggle with on the level of both the original and the film. I acknowledge that some books that I love feature this-race-is-evil motifs. It's easier to swallow when these are fantasy races or nationalities that exist *only* in the work, of course. In modern works (meaning, ones being written right now), I struggle with it more -- historical works get more of a pass. Works are a product of the worldviews of their authors, which I do take into account when considering certain aspects of the story.

      But this is all just my opinion as a reader and movie-goer. :)

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