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21526"Frodo Lives!"...or Does He?

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  • herenistarion
    Oct 17, 2010
      Greetings fellow Mythies,
      It is with deep sorrow I must report the passing of Alexei Kondratiev's friend Len Rosenberg. Those who knew Len, knew he was an early member of Dick Plotz' New York Tolkien Society, The Tolkien Society of America and our very own Mythopoeic Society. Long before he and Alexei met, and was friendly with a number of mythies from the early days of MythSoc.

      Jessie and I just posted a memorial to Len on our site, publishing his college paper "Frodo Lives!"...Or Does He? which the subject of this post is derived.
      Some of you know we were helping Len and his friends clean out his apartment so he could live full time at a care facility.

      In this process Len gave Jessie and I his college Tolkien paper and his archive of Tolkien Journals, which amongst the collection is:

      MythPrint November 1972 No. 5
      MythPrint June 1972 No. 6

      Mythlore No. 9 1973

      Here is the full memorial we wrote, the published paper and more of the Tolkien Journals.


      Humbly yours,
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