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21518Re: [mythsoc] Re: religion in Tolkien

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  • David Bratman
    Oct 15 7:45 AM
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      dale nelson wrote:

      >"Gandalf is an angel," as Tolkien said
      >somewhere in an interview. Someone can
      >remind me of the source; but I'm sure it
      >had appeared by the time Imaginary Worlds
      >was written, although I'm not sure that
      >Lin Carter saw it.

      Edmund Fuller, in 1962, published in the revision of his Tolkien article in Isaacs & Zimbardo's _Tolkien and the Critics_ in 1968. Too late for Carter to have seen it for his 1969 book (which omits mention of some 1968 post-Tolkien fantasies he would surely have referenced had he seen them, as he cites them enthusiastically in 1973). The Isaacs/Zimbardo collection is in his 1973 bibliography, but he had perhaps not read it closely. The quote was seized gratefully by enthusiastic Tolkienists, but Carter was not a Tolkienist. The only reason for citing this quote in this context today, rather than the further explanations in the Silmarillion and elsewhere, would be on the supposition that Carter _had_ seen it.
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