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21478Tolkien Studies 7 -- Mythprint Review Copy Available

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  • Jason Fisher
    Sep 25, 2010
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      WVUP has very kindly sent me a review copy of the newest issue of Tolkien Studies. Because of the demand this is likely to generate, I'm going to handle it a little differently from other review copies. Rather than first-come, first-served, I want to hear from anyone and everyone interested in reviewing the new Tolkien Studies for Mythprint. It's the biggest volume yet, so I need to feel comfortable that the person I give it to is up to the task of writing a review that is solid, knowledgeable, and thorough (as thorough as the limited space in Mythprint allows). I'm prepared to make room for 1,500 words, which is about the upper limit possible for items in the newsletter (I normally don't like to go over 1,000).

      So, if you want it, let me hear from you!

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