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214Re: The How and Why of Bakshi's LotR film

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  • Diane Baker
    Jun 18, 1999
      FrMacKen@... wrote:

      > One thing: Can anyone tell me the web address of the new > live-action of The Lord of the Rings? I hope that whoever does it makes > a good film and not a farce. It will be a massive undertaking to say > the least.
      > Ron

      Here's the site, which I cut and pasted from another source. I hope it
      shows up as a site you can click on; I don't know how to do that yet.
      It was underlined when I pasted it. (You may get ten copies of this; if
      you've gotten this already, please disregard.) ---djb.

      > The official site also provides some background on the film
      > and how the art was put together...
      > http://www.lordoftherings.net/main.html
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