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21390Silver Leaves Volume 3

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  • Jef Murray
    Jul 25, 2010

      Just wanted to let folks know that the latest issue
      of Silver Leaves is out and it is the best by far. The
      theme of this year's issue is "Fantasy Art and Artists",
      and it is crammed with work by lots of great folks, many
      familiar and many unfamiliar. The issue is 110 pages
      long (!!!), and is strikingly beautiful. A treasure trove
      for Tolkien and Lewis fans! You can learn more at:


      P.S. Truth in advertising requires that I disclose that I am
      one of the artists whose work is featured, but only one of
      dozens, and other than being an enthusiastic supporter, I
      have no financial interest in Silver Leaves (nor does anyone
      else...the White Tree Fund is a charitable and nonprofit

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