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  • herenistarion
    May 28, 2010
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      Update from Alexei's family and funeral arrangements:

      Fellow Mythies,
      Jessie and I are very saddened to be writing this, but more so now that we have spoken to his family, his sister Kira and Valeria.
      Alexei lived with his sister Valeria and his Mother. In speaking to them both we informed them of the support Alexei has at MythSoc and how loved and respected he was. I do not know if it is appropiate to post here the circumstances of his passing but you all wish to know we will post them. But it does appear he passed of heart trouble.

      In speaking to Valeria they will want someone to speak at his funeral and they have asked, since we are the first from MythSoc they spoke to, if Jessie and I will speak at his funeral. We are going to reach out to locals to see if they wish to attend and speak as well. Those who are not local and would like a remembrance offered, please email them to us or post them here and they will be read at the funeral.
      If you have any pictures please email them to us, or express mail prints to Jessie and I in time for Tuesday. The family said Alexei didnt like his picture taken much but if we have any to bring them.

      These are the funeral details:

      Tuesday June 2nd
      Wake: 2pm-5pm and 7pm to 10pm
      Martin A. Gleeson Funeral Home
      149-20 Northern Blvd
      Flushing, Queens.

      Burial and Services:
      Weds June 3rd
      10:45 am

      We dont know where the cemetery or internment services are yet, but will keep everyone posted.

      Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via facebook
      email: herenistarion@...
      Phone: Anthony 347 831 6640

      We know alot of you who knew Alexei far longer and better than we did, but we are doing everything we can to make sure that he is remembered by those who cared of him, because there are alot of us.

      Alexei's sister Nadia posted this on his facebook profile:

      Aliocha, you will be sorely missed. Aliocha read all of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings out loud to us two times at least, as well as the entire Narnia Chronicles and the CS Lewis Perilandra etc books. Need I say more!
      He knew 64 languages, read a book once and was able to quote from it. I hope someone will publish... his fiction work as a collection; he had a great imagination.
      I will add what people seem to know less: Aliocha was a fantastic artist and musician.

      If the Mythopoeic Press would want to do a volume dedicated to Alexei we will inquire of the stories she speaks of. Because we believe MythSoc should be the place for them to appear.

      Anthony and Jessica


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