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21147Mythcon 41 Venue Change: New!! Improved!!!

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Mar 23 12:25 PM
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      My mythie friends, as the Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences, I have a good news-bad news announcement for you. First, the good news:

      Mythcon 41 won't be held on the campus of SMU after all but will instead be held at the Crowne Plaza Suites-Dallas. This means instead of living in a dormitory and eating college food you'll be staying in a *suite* and eating hotel food.

      But wait, there's more: even better, the double room rate has not changed! (I know, I know, pick yourself up off the floor).

      Unfortunately (here comes the bad news) the same cannot be said of the *single* room rate. BUT please remember that Mythcon 41's single room rate is still lower than the single room rate for last year's Mythcon by more than $100.

      The **DEADLINE** for purchasing room & board packages has been moved up to June 1st due to the hotel's requirements.

      The hotel is very nice and has experience with SF conventions, so we won't be out of their realm of experience. You must, however, buy your room & board packages THROUGH Mythcon in order to get the rates we're publishing and be part of the conference.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to email me: mythcon AT mythsoc DOT org will reach me.

      -- Lynn Maudlin, Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences --