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21140Pre-Order "The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who"

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  • herenistarion
    Mar 17 5:58 AM
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      Greetings fellow Mythies,

      As I previously shared in the Mythcon 38 & Doctor Who thread (I know now it was MC 39 but in case anyone searches for the thread I cited it as I first posted the topic)

      Jessie, Kristine Larsen and I have a forthcoming book "The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who," which we dedicate to Lynn and MythSoc as it was Mythcon 39, Lynn and Leslie Donovan that put us together and the book was born from. (With many thanks to Jason Fisher)

      It is now available to Pre Order via Kitsune Books, and by Mid-April via Amazon US/UK


      We have Janet Croft on our reviewers list for a potential MythPrint/Mythlore review.

      Thanks again to all our fellow mythies and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.

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