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  • not_thou
    Feb 28, 2010
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      Credit due: reading some old _Mythprints_ last night, I noticed that David had identified basically the same parallels I did, but in more detail, and more than 20 years earlier, in an editorial on _Return of the Jedi_ in the July 1983 issue.

      (This post is completely coincidental to the major discussion of late -- I hadn't logged onto the Mythsoc list for the past few days until this evening, and didn't know that parallels between Lucas's and Tolkien's stories had come up again.)


      --- "Merlin DeTardo" <emptyD@...> wrote:
      >>>---David Bratman <dbratman@> wrote:
      >>>Returning to fiction, this, I maintain, is why
      >>>George Lucas never made Star Wars Episode VII.
      >>>Given the moral premises he set up, and the
      >>>behavior of his hero, it is impossible for Luke
      >>>Skywalker to do otherwise than become another Darth

      >[I]t seems that Luke Skywalker, in refusing at the last
      >to fight, is choosing a path quite opposed to his father.
      >This climax of _Return of the Jedi_ is actually similar
      >to that in _LotR_: like Frodo, Luke finds himself confronted
      >with a power too great for him, but he and his cause are
      >saved by his mercy. (Though the parallel is spoiled
      >because the other heroes, in what could be seen as the
      >film's equivalent of _LotR's_ Aragorn subplot, succeed
      >without regard to Luke's achievement.)
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