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21046Admin:: Announcement of Books

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  • Joan.Marie.Verba@sff.net
    Jan 31, 2010
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      Yes, it is OK to announce the works of Mythsoc members and Tolkien scholars on
      this list.

      (Mythprint used to carry a regular feature called "member news." I hope that
      is reinstated under the next Mythprint editor.)

      Friendly Neighborhood Mythsoc List Administrator

      --- Original Message ---
      From: "Carl F. Hostetter" <Aelfwine@...>

      > Can we please now stop beating up on the messenger, who was after all
      announcing the publication of the work of a fellow Mythsoc member and Tolkien
      scholar? Do we really want to make people regret doing that? Do we want to
      discourage that?
      > Enough already.
      > Carl