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21022Re: [mythsoc] Bonniejean Christensen dissertation request

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  • John Rateliff
    Jan 29, 2010
      Unfortunately, this issue of MYTHLORE falls among those I still have inaccessibly boxed away. But if this person is looking for a copy, he needs to be warned that this issue is NOT #15 but part of VOLUME 15. The issue he's looking for would be somewhere around #56.
         I do have a copy of the dissertation, though in rather battered condition, and so could provide a copy of specific pages or passages if he can't find one for himself; I believe Marquette and probably Wheaton have copies as well. And since the dissertation was for a degree granted at the University of Southern California, there shd be a copy on file there as well.
         At least one important excerpt from this dissertation has been published as an essay: "Gollum's Character Transformation in The Hobbit", which lays out the changes between the first and second editions of the Gollum-scene in parallel columns. It appears in Lobdell's A TOLKIEN COMPASS (both the original 1975 edition and the truncated  2003 re-issue).  
        --John R.

      On Jan 29, 2010, at 10:00 AM, Jeremy Edmonds wrote:

      Can anyone help out with this request?


      * find out how close these two are in terms of content:
      o "Christensen, Bonniejean. "Tolkien's Creative Technique:
      Beowulf and The Hobbit." Mythlore 15 (Spring 1989): 4-10.
      o Christensen, Bonniejean. "Beowulf and The Hobbit: Elegy into
      Fantasy in J. R. R. Tolkien's Creative Technique."
      Dissertation, University of Southern California, 1969. DAI
      30 (1970): 4401-02A.

      He would also like to find a copy of the dissertation if possible.  I have forwarded the link for ordering back issues of Mythlore already.

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